Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to express ourselves. So when we get ahold of the right phrase or drink a coffee that gets us in the mood to approach life with the vigor that is needed, it’s something to get excited about. In Costa Rica, people use the phrase “pura vida” to express a range of things. Whether it’s a response to asking how someone’s day is, a salutation, or an expression of happiness, “pura vida” is a statement to the world that relays a passion for life and happiness in a way that translation fails to. “Pura vida” does not just mean “pure life”, as it translates, it is the pure life—it embodies the notion of living life with authenticity. When we think of what the pure life means to us here at Stone Creek Coffee, our friends at Microbeneficio Cerro Paraguas (MICEPA) in Chirripó, Brunca, Costa Rica always come to mind, which is why we decided to feature their coffee in Costa Rica Green Dragon. Costa Rica Green Dragon is composed of a double fully washed lot from the farmers of MICEPA that was dried on raised beds and patios once it reached the mill. With notes of cashew, mandarin orange, and cocoa powder, Green Dragon is a treat that’s sure to get you reflecting on how sweet life really is.

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